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Updates (50/74)

(18.02.19): Max map size got reduced to 100 by 100 tiles: X and Y coordinates can take values from 0 to 99.

(10.02.19): Map option is now available among creator options as well. Original suggestion: "Make the map available without switching from creator mode to play mode - the back-and-forth is very time-consuming".

(10.02.19): Removed in-game tutorial.

(10.02.19): Updated Wiki page with the Tutorial and FAQ.

(09.02.19): Fixed a bug that didn't allow to create new dungeons.

(02.02.19): Pointing a cursor at an item in the dungeon will now show its name/description when standing next to it.

(02.02.19): It is now possible to resize chests and items. Original suggestion: "Allow resizing on chest items, similar to how we're able to resize NPCs. If I choose to not display the chest, things like keys go to max size and are HUGE. I'd like to make them harder to see so that players have to search at least a little bit. :)".

(02.02.19): Fixed a notebook bug.

(31.01.19): Fixed a bug which caused question panel to reload while typing something in.

(27.01.19): Events are now updating live while a game window has focus.

(27.01.19): Other players are now visible in a dungeon.

(27.01.19): Fixed a bug that prevented keyboard movement before all in-game objects fully loaded.

(27.01.19): Made buttons on top of the game screen larger and added pole directions to the map button.

(26.01.19): Upgraded the server and did some configuration tweaks to make it cope with higher traffic load.

(26.01.19): Fixed dungeon rating system.

(24.01.19): Some old inactive unpublished dungeons were removed (the ones with little to no tiles and events).

(07.08.18): Gates can now open either outward or upward. Original suggestion: "Gates that open in a direction other than up. This is purely a graphics addition, but I have an outdoor dungeon, and gates that rise up into the air."

(04.08.18): An item will now move right into inventory if the transfer event teleports it at the player's location. Original suggestion: "ability to have an event put something into inventory. At preesent, the only way to get something into inventory is with a chest event (which can be invisible). I would ideally like an NPC to be able to give you an object. The best that can be done now is an NPC triggering a transfer event that puts an object near the player".

(07.07.18): Event objects can now have multiple possible "Needed Items" or "Activating Items". Possible items should be separated by colon (";"). Original suggestion: "Option for different items needed to open doors or to be given to NPCs. (for example: blue key, yellow key and red key)".

(22.06.18): Target and Transfer fields now have increased character limit (from 100 to 250).

(14.06.18): Added in-game tooltips that show the coordinates and direction of a player without a need to open a map.

(12.06.18): Implemented Transfer Tool which allows to create transfer events which make event objects change their position and/or direction upon triggering some other event, e.g. stepping on a floor button or pulling a lever. This makes it possible, for example, to make NPCs move around on certain "triggers". Wiki got a new page with information on Transfer Tool.

(11.06.18): Gates now can not be created on tiles that have an object on a side wall, and wall objects can't be created on walls that "touch" a gate.

(04.06.18): Added map tooltips which show X and Y position.

(04.06.18): Question panels can now be initially hidden. Original sugestion: "Option for question panels to be set to "initially hidden" (players must activate it with other way and after that the panel would become visible)."

(03.06.18): Creators can now set amount of items a player would get in an item chest or question panel - this allows, for example, to put some amount of coins in a chest which could be used somewhere in a dungeon. Duplicate items are now marked with an amount number in the inventory.

(01.06.18): Editing options and fields now show tooltip messages with explanatory info to make dungeon creation easier, especially for beginners - there is no need to check a wiki-page anymore to learn about each option. Many sections of the wiki-page got updated as well to make information be perceived easier.

(31.05.18): Implemented new event object type - NPC. From now on dungeons can be filled with unique characters which will make adventures even more exciting! NPCs can be interacted with and have lots of customization options.

(31.05.18): Certain event objects can now trigger other objects when being activated by an item (e.g. when a player opens a door).

(31.05.18): Scrollbar can now be dragged when editing event objects with a wall on the right side.

(31.05.18): Question panel now removes any spaces at the begining or an end of a given answer.

(29.05.18): Patrons can now set a custom sound which would be played when a player nearby clicks their in-game avatar. Clicks don't lead to the profile page anymore.

(29.05.18): Implemented decorative objects which can be placed on a floor or ceiling (ex. ornaments), their size can be modified. Such objects are penetrable which means that a player can walk through them.

(29.05.18): Size of an in-game patron avatar is now modified based on its min and max width.

(28.05.18): Music can now be muted with "Num -" and unmuted with "Num +".

(26.05.18): Implemented possibility of adding background music and customizing sound effects. New Audio Tool allows to add any audio file which can then be set as looping background music or sound effect that would be played upon interaction with some event object instead of a default one. Background music can also be switched throughout the dungeon to fit the mood of a certain area or event. Wiki-page is updated with important information on uploading and adding audio files. Original suggestion: "Sound support: 1) sound effects when an event occurs (answered wrong, answered correctly, door opens, etc.). 2) mood music (at least one per dungeon)."

(16.05.18): It is now possible to set an item as a prize for solving question panel. Original suggestion: "Ability to give a player an inventory item when s/he solves a question panel."

(16.05.18): TAB and DELETE keys can now be used as a shortcut for resetting triggered events (creators only).

(15.05.18): Added 3 seconds delay between tries to question panels. Original suggestion: "A way to prevent brute force. Currently, I think nothing stops you from sending a lot of requests to the server when trying to open a door for example."

(15.05.18): Added possibility to set dungeon background (either image or some color) that would be displayed instead of darkness at a distance. Original suggestion: "Possibility to show a (animated) texture at places, which are beyond the depth of vision instead of just black regions."

(14.05.18): Added new creator tool - Texture Tool - which allows to set custom textures at certain areas. It makes customizing larger dungeons easier without a need to manually update a texture on each wall. Creator tools are now divided into 2 categories - Primary and Secondary. Tutorial has also been updated due to this change. Wiki-page got a new section with information on Texture Tool. Original suggestion: "Division of dungeons into areas/rooms."

(12.05.18): Portals can now be activated or deactivated by other objects (levers, buttons, items). Original suggestion: "Possibilty for portals to be activated or deactivated by levers, floor tiles ..."

(12.05.18): Interactive event objects now don't get highlighted upon mouse hover if a player doesn't stand right in front of them.

(12.05.18): It is now possible to play/create several dungeons at the same time (in separate tabs).

(09.05.18): Did some work on database optimization which should slightly improve loading times.

(06.05.18): Updated Event Messages with addition of remote event messages, e.g. now a message can be shown once a certain remote object is activated or deactivated. Remote messages of other objects have a priority over the messages of the object a player interacts with - except for the Question Panel which shows its main message when the question is solved instead of any remote messages of other objects.

(06.05.18): Removing activated image of a floor button or activated/non-activated image of a lever will now display the decoration (text, image, etc.) behind it instead of just showing it for a short moment (same effect as with question panels when they get solved).

(06.05.18): Implemented Event Messages which can be created with the new Message Tool and attached to different event objects in a dungeon. Such messages can show up when a player steps on a button, pulls a switch, knocks on a door, etc. Wiki-page is updated with the information on Message Tool.

(06.05.18): Removing Non-activated Image of a Floor Button now mutes the triggering sound, allowing the button to activate events silently.

(03.05.18): Added possibility to add/remove tiles by right clicking some spot on the map.

Ideas and Suggestions

(+1) (23.01.19): Per the suggestion below, if when I go to assign an ID number to any attribute (target/transfer/needed item/etc.), it would be great if there were a pop-up box with the list of ids and their labels (e.g., "door" or "skeleton key" [for anything that gets a "real" name]). It would save tons of time rather than navigating back across the map, finding the object (assuming that it's not something that I already picked up & now have to reset the map), checking the info, then navigating back to assign.

(+2) (23.01.19): Navigate the mini-map without having to relocate position in creator mode (arrow keys?); zoom in/out (as suggested by Xan); some way to see the entire dungeon at once...important for large dungeons

(+2) (22.04.18): Copy function for whole dungeon to create templates or alternative versions

(+3) (27.04.18): Making some floor tiles not accessible (with pits, missing tiles ...) + lever opening hidden bridge or uncovering hidden tile, so player can proceed.

(+1) (23.01.19): When looking at the mini-map in creator mode, have an indicator for which floor tiles and walls have objects on them (perhaps color the line for the wall red or yellow if there is an active object there, same for floor tile); this would make it easier to find placed items.

(+2) (04.08.18): A reset option that does not reset your whole dungeon. When debugging switches, and other events, occasionally something goes wrong, but for a single use item, I am having to reset the whole thing, losing useful developer tools like map teleportation, all to debug one lousy switch.

(+3) (23.04.18): List of ID numbers, with possibility to alter them. It's hard to keep track of them when you have a lot.

(+3) (21.04.18): Might not be so easy, but is it possible to improve map movement to create larger dungeons easier?: a) While holding down your mouse's left button, move your mouse to the desired direction. b) zooming functions

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