Christmas Dungeon
By: Machines Are Beautiful

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This is the last door. We enter the Dungeon full of gifts.

Published: 24.12.18 3074 1604

(28.12.18): Happy end of the year! :-)

(27.12.18): Thanks!

(26.12.18): this is actually amazing

(25.12.18): cool

(25.12.18): cool

(25.12.18): Thank you for creating this. Was a lot of fun. :)

(25.12.18): This was an amazing ride! Joined a few games in my WL too.

(24.12.18): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve9EIlwIXIE

(24.12.18): Amazing! A lot of great games in here.

(24.12.18): good

(24.12.18): It was fun :)

(24.12.18): Merry Christmas! Thank you for the effort!

(24.12.18): Merry Christmas to all of you! <3

(24.12.18): This was so sweet of y'all <3 Happy Crimbo, and I hope everyone involved + everyone in the community spends it happy and with people they love (or just games they enjoy!) c: You're the best!

(24.12.18): Beautiful! Thank you all for creating this and thanks everyone who contributed with giveaways. Happy Holidays everyone, I wish you all the best and that all your wishes come true <3

(24.12.18): Thank you for amazing adventure

(24.12.18): cool concept

(24.12.18): :D

(24.12.18): That was fun, thanks a lot for that :D

(24.12.18): Great dungeon! Thank you very much

(24.12.18): I love the level of dedication you put in the whole event! Amazing, really! Happy holidays everyone!

(24.12.18): iocaio <3 Machines

(24.12.18): SG community manages to impress me over and over again. Happy holidays everyone

(24.12.18): This was awesome, thank you very much!!!!

(24.12.18): :D

(24.12.18): Great work, great demonstration of love to the SG community!

(24.12.18): Wow, this is honestly a really creative way to do giveaways. It's real impressive.

(24.12.18): Puts some Westworld music and start the maze :3

(24.12.18): A pity that your gifts 0 levels. There will be many bots.


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